Dude Hut Barber Albury Wodonga Services

Head + Beard

  • Zero/Skin Fade with Beard lineup
    From $60
    1h • 2 services
  • Buzz and Beard
    From $40
    35min • 2 services
  • The Bearded Man
    40min • 2 services


  • Deluxe Beard Trim

    Beard shaped, tidied go around the edges with a razor and finish with a hot towel!

Cut Throat

  • Shave
    1h • Male only

    Hot Towel Cut Throat Full Face or Head.


  • Haircut
    20min • Standard Cut

    Personalized haircut and Style. This includes cleaning up of your brows, neck hair and the random strays on your ears! (excludes zero fades and skin fades).

  • Zero/Skin Fade
    From $40
    40min • Zero-Skin Fade

    A Quality fade starting from Razor or a zero finished with lining up with a razor.

  • Skin Fade
    From $45
    40min • Skin Fade
  • Restyle Haircut
    From $40
    40min • All over Scissor Cut

    For the Men that just don’t know what style they will suit! This option is ideal for new clients so we allocate time to sit down and consult with you and help find a desired style.

  • Clipper Cut
    From $20

    The obvious. Clippers all over, tapered in at the edges with a hot towel to clean it up at the end!

  • Toddlers
    From $25

    Turn your toddler into a little lad, 1yr -5yrs (before school).

  • Kids Cut (U14)
    From $25

    Turn your little man, into a gentleman.

  • Short Ladies Cut
    From $40

    We are not talking about your height just so you know!

  • Pensioner

    We do offer pensioner haircuts.


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We were thrilled to have Kyra Humphrey take some photos for us recently.
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About Us

Martina (AKA Mardy)

Martina (AKA Mardy)

Owner • Hairdresser • Barber

Mardy goes to f45, she will also tell you least three times during your haircut!




Chris is well known at Dude Hut for being the only barber that owns a Harley. He will tell you this least 7 times during your visit and 9 times out of 10 he has it parked out the front of the shop. Chris’s clients love him for not only his haircuts, his beard trims and his cut throat shave skills.

On his days off you’ll find him up the white mountain snow boarding or at any skate park boarding. We rate him 9/10 , loses a point cos he has a shocking habit of calling everyone champ!




Mad is the funniest barber on board - just ask her and she looks 21 please tell her that.




Pheonix is actually 18 , he can cut a beard, but grows a beard like he is 12.

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